Some of the Basic Tools Required for Web Page and Graphic Design

There are many specialized software tools available for designing websites. Some of these are commercial applications which requires a user license and payment. There are others which are found in the open source arena. This software is free to use and to share with others. Some of the basic tools will be discussed briefly.

The first piece of specialized software you require is for the actual coding. In web page design HTML is the most important coding language. Within this environment the web page outlay is done. The outlay includes the text as well as the graphics. HTML editors are available with two basic interfaces. In the first instance the interface is not very user-friendly as the designer will work directly in the actual coding environment. Some editors fortunately are available as WYSIYYG editors. This means that you can design you page in an environment that requires little or no knowledge of HTML

The next basic tool is your drawing or graphics software. This software will be used to design all of the graphics that will be used in your website. It is important that this software is able to save your designs in formats that can be displayed by your web browsers.

It does not matter if you choose the commercial or the open source route. If you want to engage in web page design, without these two tools it will be extremely difficult to design good, basic websites.