Some Web Page Design Basics

Web pages are actually the combination of text and graphics. Often there can be more than one websites exactly on the same subject. For example, there will be a website that might look appealing to you but visitors will find it difficult to browse. On the other hand, the second website might look boring, disorganized and untidy but visitors would love to browse it because of its appealing font colors and photos.

There are a few important aspects to consider when formatting the website text. Always use fonts that are easy to read and avoid using classical font types on your web site. When it comes to font style, it is important to be consistent. As an illustration, use the same style throughout the website for section headings. Apply the same rule for paragraphs and text, and so on. Also choose your text colors carefully. Never use many different text colors and when different colors are used, by consistent.

Graphics are important elements that add character and beauty to any website. Just be careful how these elements are used in your creation. Graphics should not be the overwhelming element of any page. They should just be used sparingly as complimentary elements.

Text and Graphics are the main elements of any webpage. The designer must always employ these elements discretely and use some of the guidelines outlined above. When you will follow each of these guidelines correctly, you will be able to create a wonderful website for you.