Webpage Design: More is Not Always Better

Everyone wants to create the killer webpage. This is possible and it is in everybody’s reach if you are able to apply one basic principle “More is not always Better”. Your web page should always have a simple appearance. Do not try to overload your web page with too many links and images. Your visitors can get confused and they can even loose their interest if things are in clutter. It is always a good idea to use a simplistic approach for all of your web design projects.

The main purpose of any webpage is to provide content that is useful. But it is not a good idea to just add content even if it is inappropriate for your site. Make sure that the content you write is concise and to the point. If something can be decently said in 150 words, do not write it in 200 words for the sake of adding content.

White spaces are the areas surrounding text. These areas can be used to improve the overall structure of your webpage and to separate content which is not directly related.

Always use graphics sparingly and intelligently. Spend time while choosing the correct kind of graphic content. Pictures and video clips must add value to your creation. Even an awesome pic or video that you want to add on your website must have proper relevancy to your website content.

When designing a webpage, a simplistic approach is always much better than one that is cluttered with too much text and graphics.