The Three Basic Pages a Website Should Have

Many websites have more than one main page. These pages generally give an insight into the subject matter to the visitors, introduce the owners of the websites to the visitors and open up a way for communication for them.

The first page is the homepage. It is probably the most important page and will give visitors an idea of what the site is about and how well the subject matter is organized. In the case of a business website, it is often a good idea to include the main objectives of the business and its future plans and vision on the main page. This will help the business website owners to attract the true traffic on their website.

The second page is the about page. This page should contain information about the site owners. It should contain some background information and include something about skills the owners have which can benefit the visitor. People always wanted to know that with whom they are dealing online before engaging in any communication or business.

The last page which is sometimes neglected by the web page owners is the contact page. Your website must provide a proper contact address so that interested visitors can contact you and can get more information about your products or business directly from you. A contact page should include at least an email address and it should also include a landline and a fax number.

Multiple page websites have many pages containing lots of content and information. However, the “main page”, “contact page” and the“about us” page are in fact the most important pages for any website.