The importance of Your Home Page

The first page that most visitors see while visiting a website is the homage. Homepage is like the front door or the reception gate to your site, therefore it should be designed with care and with professional skills. Web page developers should not underestimate the value of the landing page of their website because it is the page that will attract visitors for them.

The homepage will be used as a gauge to determine what the rest of your site has to offer. After visiting your home page, visitors must immediately have a good idea of what your site is about.

Pay a lot of attention to the way this page is designed. It must have a clean design that is easy to read. Never design the homepage so that it appears cluttered and disorganized. That will be the quickest way of sending visitors away, even if they are interested in what you are offering to them.

The homepage is the gateway to the rest of your website. From this page visitors will navigate all of the main pages of your website. Take time to ensure that the homepage has working links.

Many websites are composed of more than one page. For such types of sites it is utmost important that the homepage design receives extra care. Ensure that it welcomes all the visitors and entices them to explore your site even deeper. This can be achieved by applying the few guidelines discussed above.