Three Elements That Contribute to Good Web Page Design

When we consider what makes a good web page, opinions will often differ. Generally there are three main elements, and it is the balance of the three which makes people enjoy visiting a website. These elements are text, graphics and ease of navigation.

Each page should only deal with a one main idea. When this is not case, a visitor can quickly become lost and loose interest. The web page limit should be set intelligently and the word count on each page should be between 300 – 500 words for most of the situations. It is often better to write less and more concise, than to keep rambling on. Keep it captivating to your visitor.

Web graphics should never be overwhelming and a picture should never be more than about one-third of a screen’s height. Any picture or graphic must never interfere with the flow of your text. This will make your page easy to read.

The third aspect that will add to making your web page special will be the ease of navigation. To create a web site that is easy to navigate, spend enough time planning your links. Links on the same page should enable you to move between all subsections. Inter-page links must be organized in such a way that all pages are interlinked.

A general trend that most people follow when it comes to making a web page is to have a clean web page appearance and ease of navigation. This is achievable by giving the three elements the attention they deserve.