Open Source Tools for Web and Graphics Design

The internet has expanded in leaps and bounds during the last few years. As a result, many more individuals and businesses want to have an online presence. A new website developer will always face problems with the choice of website layout and commercial or open source tools as well. In this short article we would like to give you some insight into two basic open source tools for designing web pages and graphics.

When you are designing a website, the editor is used for putting everything together. Some editors give an HTML interface, while others are WYSIWYG. Some of the editors found in the open source arena include Kompozer 0.7 and Bluefish version 2.2.  All of these tools are able to create webpages which conform to the modern HTML standards. This is quite important, as HTML standard determines which browsers will be able to open your webpage.

Graphics are an important component of any webpage. Any web designer needs to have a good graphics drawing / designing tool at their disposal. Fortunately the open source arena has provided one that has become quite popular in many circles. It is called GIMP and is now at version 2.6. GIMP is able to interact with a number of the popular graphics formats used by other commercial graphics packages. It is also able to save its files in formats commonly used for web graphics.

All of these tools are available online. They can either be downloaded freely from their developers sites or from the many open source repositories which are available on the net.